Saturday, 13 April 2019

Daily Life in Frostheim

Games Workshop terrain is pretty reasonable, but I think that the Warhammer stuff has gone downhill since Age of Sigmar came along and the Grimm's Tales look was dropped for something more like World of Warcraft. Back in the day, I spent the princely sum of £40 on this kit:

And jolly good it was too. It captures the detailed and slightly decrepit look of Warhammer, whilst keeping its historical roots. And it isn't just some lazy bunch of big stone skulls. Anyhow, I had the tower from the kit, which I'd extended with plasticard ages ago to make it taller and more imposing. I decided to give it a repaint.

I added a window to the front: predictably, the window was originally full of skulls (why, GW, why?) so I cut them out and made a couple of shutters instead, because wood is a better building material than chunks of human bone.

This made me think that it would be nice to get a few pictures of the fantasy town and its bizarre inhabitants. Prepare for a lot of blue and grey.

And finally...

Locals leaving the pub in high spirits, while the neighbours suspect them of witchcraft


Hong in Thar said...

That looks really excellent Toby, you're building your own little world. I'm not sure it's healthy but it is cool.

Toby said...

Thanks! The little metal people are very happy in their new houses!